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Noun1.Hygrocybe - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Hygrophoraceae, Hygrophoraceae - a family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales; the gills of these fungi have a clean waxy appearance
conic waxycap, Hygrocybe acutoconica - a fungus having an acutely conic cap and dry stalks
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Furthermore, Moreira-Neto (2013), basidiomycetes fungi from the genera of Trametes, Lentinus, Peniophora, Pycnoporus, Rigidoporus, Hygrocybe and, Psilocybe have an ability to decolorize CBB H-GR and Cibacron Red FN-2BL by more than 70%.
Then a waxcap was spotted - Hygrocybe canescens - that has not yet even been given a common name - and has been confirmed as the very first sighting in England.
vii (42-12); 1 [male] Koussanzamou, ex Hygrocybe sp.
Aed ati i chwilio am ffyngau ar y safle a darganfuwyd nifer o gapiau cwyr, Hygrocybe, a chanfod ei fod yn lle cyfoethog iawn am y rhain, a hynny'n bennaf am nad oedd y tir wedi'i wella a gwrtaith.
They use older taxonomy, for ease rather than ideology, and place most the species they describe in the two genera Hygrocybe and Hygrophorus.
There are a number of different fungi that cause the fairy ring symptom, including probably the commonest Marasmius oreades as well as Hygrocybe species and Clitocybe species.