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intr.v. del·i·quesced, del·i·quesc·ing, del·i·quesc·es
a. To melt away.
b. To disappear as if by melting.
2. Chemistry To dissolve and become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air.
3. Botany
a. To become fluid or soft on maturing, as certain fungal structures.
b. To branch out into numerous subdivisions that lack a main axis, as the trunk of an elm.

[Latin dēliquēscere : dē-, de- + liquēscere, to melt, inchoative of liquēre, to be liquid.]

del′i·ques′cence n.
del′i·ques′cent adj.
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Adj.1.deliquescent - (especially of certain salts) becoming liquid by absorbing moisture from the air
hydrophilic - having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water
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Hygroscopy can be defined as the ability of a material to hold water molecules.
PA is a good barrier material for oxygen, gas and other organic compounds but poor barrier for water vopor due to its hygroscopy.