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n.1.See Haik, and Huke.
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On average, the pipes decline a mere one-tenth of an inch over every 100 feet, Hyke said.
The team was joined in Texas by San Antonio-based Bryan Hykes of DS, UT Pickering Fellow Shirley Green and Diplomat in Residence Julie Connor.
The problem is that not every part of your app can scale that way," said Solomon Hykes, founder and CEO of DotCloud.
Julian Hykes scored a fine field goal after being put through by McDazz Thorton
Camera (color, DigiBeta), Bush; editor, Donal O'Ceilleachair; music, David Hykes.
Robin Hykes, CPA, Dayton and Cleveland accounting show attendee and Ohio Society member
D'une part, il est proclame que des musiques sont du monde, ce qui n'est guere discriminant, toutes les musiques produites a nos oreilles ne pouvant qu'en etre, meme lorsqu'elles se referent a d'autres univers, comme celles de Sun Ra et de son Intergalactic Research Arkestra ou de David Hykes et de son Harmonic Choir.
Based on studying the chanting of Tibetan monks (and others) David Hykes has developed the skill of harmonic singing, where the singer intones the fundamental of the note with the harmonics of the fundamental.
David Hykes, founder of the Harmonic Choir, offered a Mongolian legend about a singing waterfall, high in the Altai Mountains, which the gods put there so that men might learn to sing.
Solomon Hykes, founder of Docker (formerly dotCloud), and creator of the Docker open source initiative