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(ˈhɪmnɪst) ,




(Music, other) a person who composes hymns


(ˈhɪm nɪst)

a composer of hymns.
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Backing sought for chapel funding THE John Hughes Memorial Chapel at Pontrobert, Montgomeryshire (with its association with Wales' greatest woman hymnist, Ann Griffiths) is in urgent need of re-roofing and the trustees have applied for a Community Award from the Engage Foundation, but the receiving of an award depends entirely on the number of votes cast on-line before May 31.
As the hymnist so aptly wrote, "did e'er such love and sorrow meet.
We also look at more familiar stories from a different angle, such as hymnist Ann Griffiths' life story.
In Jewish tradition, we have only to go to the first verse of the Sabbath hymn L'cha Dodi; "'Observe' and 'Remember' [as it were] in one word"--thus the hymnist reconciles the two different versions
For Ann was a hymnist who captured an intense closeness to God in
But, as the hymnist reminds us in "God Whose Purpose is to Kindle," the Spirit is always ready to ignite us with her fire.
Now that the secret is out, take a day or two and visit a National Forest near you, and see, in the words of hymnist Maltbie D.
In the "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty," he presents himself as a modern classical hymnist who will expand the tradition by apostrophizing, describing, and praying to a unique migratory divinity in an innovative way.
I imagine the hymnist of the Homeric Hymn smiling at the audience as he sings of Hermes enchanting Apollo with a new song about the gods, for at some level the hymnist is mocking Hesiod and his above-it-all claim to having sung the one true belly-free theogony (it's Coyote doing a parody of the shaman again).
Johnston manages not only to catch the luminously phosphorescent yellow-green allure of Jacobsen's land/sea spirit of seduction but also to give an amazingly masterful translation of the novel's quotations of a baroque religious poem by the incomparable Danish hymnist and poet Thomas Kingo (1634-1703).
In this second series, Ffion looks at the lives of a number of women including one of Wales's leading suffragettes, Margaret Haig Thomas, the artist Gwen John, hymnist Ann Griffiths, eccentric business woman Amy Dillwyn and musician Grace Williams.