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n. pl. hy·o·glos·si (-glŏs′ī′)
A muscle whose action retracts and pulls down the side of the tongue.

[New Latin hȳoglossus : hȳoīdēs, the hyoid bone (from which its lower end arises); see hyoid + Greek glōssa, tongue.]


n. hiogloso, músculo de la lengua de acción retractora y lateral.
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sup][4],[6],[14] In human anatomy, the lingual artery gives rise to the sublingual artery at the anterior border of the hyoglossus muscle.
It then divides upon the lateral side of the tongue to blend with the fibers of the longitudinalis inferior linguae muscle and obliquely with the hyoglossus muscle.
The upper part of the medial surface rests on the mylohyoid muscle anteriorly and the hyoglossus muscle posteriorly.