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(ˌhaɪpərˈiːmɪə) or


(Pathology) pathol an excessive amount of blood in an organ or part
ˌhyperˈaemic, ˌhyperˈemic adj

hyperemia, hyperaemia

a congestion of the blood, occurring in any part of the body. — hyperemic, hyperaemic, adj.
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Noun1.hyperaemia - increased blood in an organ or other body part
congestion - excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part
engorgement - congestion with blood; "engorgement of the breast"
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Immediately after each sprint test and 1 min before the endurance test, a small capillary blood sample was obtained from a hyperaemic earlobe for the determination of whole blood lactate concentration.
Vaginal examination showed a closed but bulky and hyperaemic cervix with a pinkish stain on the examining glove.
Acute haemorrhagic gastritis is characterised by the presence of hyperaemic, oedematous mucosa, erosions/ulcers and active bleeding, and is usually seen in stress situations (e.
The essential oil is hyperaemic, antiseptic and increases bronchial secretion in animal tests [6].
The technique also requires gentle pressure, since undue compression on the carotid artery with sudden release may induce a transient hyperaemic reponse, a response used for assessing cerebral autoregulation (34).
hyperaemic oedematous mucosa sometimes with contact bleeding to delineate the different clinical conditions associated with infection.