Hyperbolic functions

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(Math.) certain functions which have relations to the hyperbola corresponding to those which sines, cosines, tangents, etc., have to the circle; and hence, called hyperbolic sines, hyperbolic cosines, etc.

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Hyperbolic models have also been used in geomechanics problems to model interfaces [17, 18], soil reinforcement pullout [19], and triaxial compression tests on soil [20], It should be noted that hyperbolic functions have provided components of tensile load-strain models reported in the geosynthetics literature [1, 21-25].
Right and skew-right circulant matrices remains invariant on their type when evaluated on trigonometric and hyperbolic functions that are used in this paper.
Later chapters cover continuity of functions, derivatives of functions, trigonometric limits, and exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, in addition to implicit functions, parametric functions, Rolle's theorem, Taylor's formula, and hyperbolic functions.
The solid and dashed curves show the best-fitting hyperbolic functions (Equation 2) for the American and Japanese students, respectively.
There's also an advanced math library, including trigonometry and hyperbolic functions.
He included appendices on the D-operator methods and hyperbolic functions and ODES.
The MRI Graphing Calculator software computes all the basic Arithmetic operations, Exponential, Logarithmic, Trigonometric, Inverse trig, Hyperbolic and Inverse hyperbolic functions that you can expect of any calculator.
One disadvantage of the hyperbolic function is that age-price functions estimated from a hyperbolic function (or alternatively, hyperbolic functions estimated from an age-price function) require an assumption to be made about a real discount rate.
Similarly, the development of the hyperbolic functions follows from the unit equilateral hyperbola, [x.
The calculus preview in each chapter focuses on a single calculus concept, such as algebra and limits, the are problem and the hyperbolic functions.