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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.


1. (Art Terms) involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
2. (Sociology) distorting or exaggerating reality
3. (Philosophy) distorting or exaggerating reality
4. (Sociology) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
5. (Philosophy) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
6. (Sociology) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
7. (Philosophy) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
8. (Mathematics) short for hyperreal number
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With 2013's The Luca Brasi Story--22 gut-wrenching tracks of brutal self-analysis, tragic romance, and hyperreal tales of narcotics trafficking and IHOP homicides--Gates built a cult following, setting a dexterous lyrical standard for melodically gifted, sensitive thugs.
Hyperreal -- Prompted by the fluidity of lines and asymmetrical cuts, lucite comebacks in clear and opaque colours.
Such joco-serious tendencies are visible in the perfect muteness of Moot (all works 2014), for instance, a hyperreal life-size trio (stringless acoustic guitar, microphone, stool) that proposes the equipment for an intimate concert of silence; in the tiny Cyclopean eye of See, a minuscule eyeball wedged in the opposite corner of the room like a downsca led, anthropomorphized recasting of his untitled gum-ball piece of 1990; and in the improbable Purple Balloon, a doppelganger object so precisely resembling its subject that it thwarts the usual circuitry of signifier and signified.
One can also take solace from the fact that women across the world are beginning to question the hyperreal definition of beauty.
In postmodern political culture, candidate image is a hyperreal amalgamation of image fragments generated by the individual politician, her/his campaign communication, news framing, and political pop culture.
For them, the pain they experience when they come to teen drug rehabilitation is real, if not hyperreal.
When fragmented moments and hyperreal images meld into one exhilarating experience, taking your breath away, don't you just love your gadgets and wish you had more of them?
The trend for hyperreal showroom models has been replaced by cars that just look real.
Our current foodscape is replete with examples of the spectacle and the hyperreal.
This definition has particular applicability to a recent commercial for Fujifilm's FinePix 3D W3 camera, in which two male viewers, initially dreading the boring prospect of seeing their friend's vacation pictures on his flat screen TV, enter into a state of reverie when they are bathed in light from the TV, what I have previously called the "revered gaze," a rapturous reaction shot used to market expanded or hyperreal media platforms and ubiquitous in medieval art (Griffiths 2008 15-36).
Rosie White argues convincingly that one of Alias' projects is to glamorize and romanticize white-collar labor, adding that Sydney is "clearly an aspirational figure, a hyperreal account of what women in the professions should be, could be, or would want to be" (50).