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n. pl. hy·phae (-fē)
1. Any of the threadlike filaments forming the mycelium of a fungus.
2. Any of the threadlike filaments produced by certain bacteria.

[New Latin, from Greek huphē, web; see webh- in Indo-European roots.]

hy′phal adj.
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I asked Edward, who had already begun making some botanical sketches, to draw the part of the fungus he could see (the stalked cap, or fruiting body of this variety of mushrooms commonly called toadstools) while I told him a story about what was happening under the ground--where hundreds of branched, tubular threads called hyphae entwined themselves with the roots of the oak.
Urinary cytology showed a large number of hyphae and neutrophil granulocytes.
The absence of hyphae with the mucosa, bone and blood vessels characterizes noninvasive fungal sinusitis, while invasive fungal sinusitis is defined by the presence of hyphae within the mucosal and submucosal tissues, bone and blood vessels of the paranasal sinuses.
There is beauty in the delicate lacework of fungal hyphae invading a blood vessel, the structure of the normal cerebellum, and the desperate drive of metastasizing cancer cells.
DNA from the disrupted hyphae was treated with sodium dodecyl sulfate and proteinase K and then incubated at 60[degrees]C for 1 h, and genomic DNA of the hydrae was extracted with phenol, chloroform, isoamyl alcohol (Sigma, St.
A second surgery was performed, and the same fungal hyphae were found in the mucus and on culture, which led us to suspect AFRS.
Cytologic examination of a corneal scraping revealed fungal hyphae, and aerobic culture confirmed Aspergillus species.
35) The fungal hyphae and pseudohyphae form large structures that cannot be fully ingested by PMNs and macrophages.
Glomalin as a stable glycoprotein, coats the AMF hyphae and decreases the water and nutrient losses before reaching to plant host.
The Luggage Store, the lead organization in a collaborative effort that includes the Nighthouse Studio and Hyphae Design Laboratory, will receive a $100,000 grant award to create Light Up Central Market, seven site-specific art installations that will illuminate buildings and sidewalks on Central Market between Fifth and Seventh Streets.
Fluorescent staining of specimens provided positive confirmation an abundance of plant roots and fungal hyphae transecting the horn.
Then, the extract solution of hyphae and fermentation liquor of this stain both were analyzed with TLC and HPLC-ELSD.