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a.1.(Crystallog.) Partly idiomorphic; - said of rock a portion only of whose constituents have a distinct crystalline form.
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This white, medium-grained, equigranular, twomica granite exhibits hypidiomorphic granular texture and is composed mainly of quartz, moderately altered perthitic potassium feldspar and plagioclase, and biotite (up to 20%), which is partially altered to chlorite.
The granite displays medium-grained, hypidiomorphic to, less commonly, allotriomorphic, subequigranular to equigranular, and sparingly granophyric fabric.
The ores mainly comprise cataclastic, idiomorphic or hypidiomorphic granular, and gric textures.
17) is a heterogranular, hypidiomorphic, medium-to-coarse grain leucogranite (with a silica content normally over 75 %) in which its primary mineral constituents are quartz, feldspar, plagioclase and biotite.
Rock samples were found to be fresh to slightly weathered showing porphyritic to hypidiomorphic texture.
General appearance: Idiomorphic to hypidiomorphic crystals up to 2 mm long and 0.
Jijal ultramafic rocks are medium to coarse grained and have hypidiomorphic texture whereas chromite mostly has allotriomorphic texture.
They are medium to fine grain-sized, with equigranular and occasionally porphyritic hypidiomorphic textures (up to 10% of plagioclase phenocrysts).
The Talavera sample shows large anhedral poikilitic orthopyroxene crystals, leading to a hypidiomorphic subophitic to ophitic texture.
Thin sections of bedrock samples taken from random locations in the Scrag Lake pluton outside of the North structure consist of medium- to coarse-grained hypidiomorphic biotite monzogranite.