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A cordial made from wine and flavored with spices, formerly used as a medicine.

[Middle English ipocras, from Old French ypocras, hypocras, from alteration of Hippocras, Hippocrates.]


(Cookery) an old English drink of wine flavoured with spices
[C14 ypocras, from Old French: Hippocrates, probably referring to a filter called Hippocrates' sleeve]


(ˈhɪp əˌkræs)

(in the Middle Ages) a medicinal cordial of spiced wine.
[1325–75; Middle English ypocras, appar. short for ypocras wyn, translation of Medieval Latin vīnum hippocraticum; so called because filtered through a strainer named after Hippocrates]
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Afraid of making any inquiries at this house, D'Artagnan entered a small tavern at the corner of the street and asked for a cup of hypocras.
And having got out all he wanted, he paid for the hypocras, which he did not drink, and went quickly back to the Rue Tiquetonne.
Sample tasty sweetmeats like prune suckets (prunes soaked in red wine and spices) and gingered bread and marzipan prepared by cooks in the working Tudor kitchen accompanied by a drop of warm hypocras (mulled wine).