a.1.(Chem.) Pertaining to, or containing, phosphorus in a lower state of oxidation than in phosphoric compounds; as, hypophosphorous acid.
Hypophosphorous acid
(Chem.) , an acid, H3PO2, whose salts are produced by the action of barium hygrate on phosphorus. It may be obtained from its water solution, by exaporation and freezing, as a white crystalline substance. It is a powerful reducing agent.
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The second was in April 2013, when officers seized over 2,000 liters of precursor chemicals, notably hypophosphorous acid used to produce methamphetamine, falsely labeled as soy sauce.
5 billion and there was a single seizure of hypophosphorous acid worth up to $3.
These creatures might possibly breathe phosphine, eat phosphorus pentoxide laced with essential minerals, and drink hypophosphorous acid flavored with arsenic or lead.