Hypsiglena torquata

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Noun1.Hypsiglena torquata - nocturnal prowler of western United States and MexicoHypsiglena torquata - nocturnal prowler of western United States and Mexico
colubrid, colubrid snake - mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakes
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Feeding ecology of the desert nightsnake, Hypsiglena torquata (Colubridae).
boa -- -- 1 Colubridae Colubridae genus et species unidentified -- 5 9 Coluber constrictor, racer x -- -- Contia tenuis, sharp-tailed snake x -- -- Diadophis punctatus, ring-necked snake x -- -- Diadophis/Tantilla -- 1 -- Hypsiglena torquata, night snake x -- -- Lampropeltis getula, common kingsnake x -- -- L.
There was a report of an August Hypsiglena torquata female with yolk deposition in Goldberg (2001).
Aspects of the life history and ecology of the desert night snake Hypsiglena torquata deserticola: Colubridae, in southwestern Idaho.
Zweifel (1958) described Hypsiglena torquata baueri from Isla de Cedros on the basis of a number of subtle character state trends of dorsal blotching, nuchal blotching, and the lateral striping on the head.
Reproductive tissue was examined from 109 sexually mature Hypsiglena torquata museum specimens from Arizona.