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 (hĭk′sōs, -sŏs)
A Semitic people who invaded Egypt and ruled it during the 17th and 16th centuries bc. They introduced the horse and chariot into Egypt.


n, pl -sos
(Historical Terms) a member of a nomadic Asian people, probably Semites, who controlled Egypt from 1720 bc until 1560 bc
[from Greek Huksōs name of ruling dynasty in Egypt, from Egyptian hq's'sw ruler of the lands of the nomads]


(ˈhɪk soʊs, -sɒs)

a succession of rulers of Asian origin who controlled parts of ancient Egypt between the 13th and 18th dynasties, c1650–1500 b.c.
[1595–1605; < Greek Hyksṓs, perhaps < Egyptian ḥg(') ruler + h'st foreign land]
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Although Haggard's character is "feared and disliked because he was fierce, and because the hated savage blood flowed in his veins" (10), Abi also recognizes that it was "to this fierce Hyskos blood that he owed his strength and vigor" (11); the (white) Pharaoh is depicted as weak and impo tent.
To expel the Hyskos permanently from Egypt, Pharoah's daughter, NeterTua, must enlist the power of the god, Amen.