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Contraction of I will.


contraction of
I will or I shall



adj. worse, worst,
n., adv. adj.
1. of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick.
2. objectionable; faulty: ill manners.
3. hostile; unkindly: ill feeling.
4. evil; wicked: of ill repute.
5. unfavorable; adverse: ill fortune.
6. of inferior worth or ability.
7. an unfavorable opinion or statement: I can speak no ill of her.
8. harm or injury: His remarks did much ill.
9. trouble; misfortune: Many ills befell him.
10. evil: the difference between good and ill.
11. sickness; disease.
12. unsatisfactorily; poorly: It ill befits a man to betray old friends.
13. in a hostile or unfriendly manner.
14. unfavorably; unfortunately.
15. with displeasure or offense.
16. faultily; improperly.
17. with difficulty or inconvenience: an expense we can ill afford.
ill at ease, uncomfortable; uneasy.
[1150–1200; < Old Norse illr ill, bad]
syn: ill, sick mean being in bad health, not being well. ill is the more formal word. In the U.S. the two words are used practically interchangeably except that sick is always used when the word modifies the following noun: He looks sick (ill); a sick person. In England, sick is not interchangeable with ill, but usu. has the connotation of nauseous: She got sick and threw up. sick, however, is used before nouns just as in the U.S.: a sick man.


contraction of I will.




1. illustrated.
2. illustration.
3. illustrator.


[ˈaɪl] = I will, I shallill-advised [ˌɪlədˈvaɪzd] adj
[decision, remark] → peu judicieux/euse
[person] → malavisé(e)
he was ill-advised to ... → il a été malavisé de ...
They would be ill-advised to do this → Ils seraient malavisés de procéder ainsi.ill-at-ease [ˌɪlətˈiːz] adjmal à l'aiseill-bred [ˌɪlˈbrɛd] adj (= uncouth) → mal élevé(e)ill-conceived [ˌɪlkənˈsiːvd] adjmal conçu (e)ill-considered [ˌɪlkənˈsɪdərd] adj [action, words, plan, measures] → inconsidéré(e)ill-defined [ˌɪldɪˈfaɪnd] adjmal défini(e)
staff with ill-defined responsibilities → un personnel aux responsabilités mal définiesill-disposed [ˌɪldɪˈspəʊzd] adj
to be ill-disposed towards sb/sth → être mal disposé(e) envers qn/qchill effects ill-effects [ˌɪlɪˈfɛkts] npleffets mpl adverses
Did you suffer any ill effects after the operation? → Avez vous souffert d'effets adverses après l'intervention?
to suffer ill effects from sth → souffrir des effets adverses de qch
They are suffering ill effects from the contamination of their water → Ils souffrent des effets adverses de la contamination de leur eau.
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I," said the Sun, "Before he has done, I'll lay on the sword.
I'll take you down a peg before I get done with you.
In school today, I'll learn to read, tomorrow to write, and the day after tomorrow I'll do arithmetic.
years, I'll turn all the lice about thee into familiars, and make
Cap'n Smollett's a fine seaman, as I'll own up to any day, but stiff on discipline.
Up you get, and I'll drive you to the station myself
If you still want me to go away with you on Saturday, Philip, I'll come.
P'raps you'd so fur obleege me, learned governor, as tell him that if he don't come precious soon, I'll look him up.
I hear you've been awfully rude to poor little Morrison of the Post; but I'll be very careful what I say, and very quick.
I'll watch the whole night long, and I'll do it every night, too, if you'll do the other part of the job.
After I get into bed I'll imagine out a real nice prayer to say always.
If mother will let me go to church like this I'll go.

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