I'm cold

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I'm cold   
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I'm cold, I'm old, I'm a coward; I never supposed I should marry again, and it seems to me very strange l should ever have listened to you.
I've been wet,' she answered reluctantly, 'and I'm cold, that's all.
I almost always have something around my waist to keep my back warm, or I can slip it on if I'm cold.
She said "the worst is night-time, when we all gather next to each other to sleep and the children wail: 'I'm cold, I'm cold,'".
Following his arrest, the following rap was found on his phone: "Cause I'm cold like snow when I'm flaking.
Usually, visceral states are so overwhelming that people project them onto others: If I'm cold, you must be cold too.
If I'm cold, I'll put on a sweater and make a cup of tea.
I'm cold, I'm hungry, and I'm so poor I'm considering becoming a low-class gigolo who caters for desperate housewives to pay the bills.
I'm finding when I'm cold calling for our aerial photography services, the mining companies are saying, we didn't know you guys existed," said Kane.
One minute I'm too hot so I open the windows and the next I'm cold and have to shut them again - I can't get the temperature right.
My withdrawal symptoms have already started since last night, I'm sweating and I'm cold because I don't have this pill," one patient said.
Some people think I'm cold and callous but I'm really not.