I'm deaf

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I'm deaf   
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To make matters worse, I'm deaf and now worry she will insult me for this.
Since taking part in Raising the Bar, it made me think that just because I'm deaf doesn't mean I can't play music.
I'd say to them before games: I'm deaf, please be aware if you're calling 'hands off', I might not be able to hear you.
Glen Nelson told Milwaukee native Chris Klusman that he should be a priest, Klusman's response was, "I can't, because I'm deaf.
No, I'm sorry I'm Deaf, I can't hear'; they can't do anything.
As the joke goes, a journalist once asked a man about the secret to his happy marriage that lasted 50 years, and the man answered: Speak up; I'm deaf.
He said: "The fact that I'm deaf myself means that I'm able to relate to deaf people on a much more personal level, making it easier to guide them through the cooking process.
Nobody had ever said that--'maybe you should shut yourself in where you don't have to interact with people,' just simply because I'm deaf.
It also lets people know I'm deaf because people can't tell just by looking at you.
There's no talking me out of it, so don't bother e-mailing to say I'm getting in the way of the natural order of things, because I'm deaf to it.