I'm diabetic

I'm diabetic   
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Q I'm diabetic and I've read that people like me can drink alcohol three to four days a week without making their diabetes worse.
I'm diabetic, 62 years old, 4' 10", and weigh 95 lbs.
I'm diabetic so I always check the sugar content and I try to avoid a lot of salt, too.
I'm diabetic and I steer away from starches and keep portions small.
Because I'm diabetic, I don't just start eating healthiily and working out before I start filming a movie or attend a red carpet event, I live like that.
I've been told not to do it because I'm diabetic and I've got a bad hip, but I am going to do it.
I'm diabetic myself and I can find ways to stray off the straight and narrow without our TV chefs demanding more and more seasoning and larding up their dishes with "good, old-fashioned cream and butter".
I'm diabetic and thought it would be good to exercise and join others on this walk as well as learn some more about diabetes," said Satvik.
Q I ALREADY receive my private pension and I've recently been told that I'm diabetic - can I claim more now?
Irene Cacey, 64, from Tremorfa, said: "They asked me if I wanted the two jabs because I'm diabetic.
I've got angina, I'm diabetic and I have got arthritis.