I'm diabetic

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I'm diabetic   
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I'm diabetic and, as I get older, I will get illnesses related to it, who wants someone ill and old nursing them?
IT was so sad to read about the schoolteacher who lost his leg due to diabetes as I'm diabetic type two myself (Echo, June 16).
I'm diabetic and mum has asthma and a stomach ulcer so we were both becoming very sick.
I love to do all this even though I'm diabetic, and I had a hip replacement three years ago.
I'd guarantee that some of the lads on the team don't know I'm diabetic.
Because I'm diabetic I shouldn't really have any chocolate.
Because I'm diabetic, I already eat sensibly, so I wasn't sure what to cut out.
I'm diabetic and my husband has heart trouble and a high cholesterol - but we both love eating on big occasions.
She has just recovered from cancer and I'm diabetic with a broken shoulder.
I'm diabetic, overweight and I work long, hard hours every day.
And the only cloud on my horizon is that I'm diabetic.
I'm diabetic too and that was hard as the hospital was quite strict on the management of it.