I'm divorced

I'm divorced   
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He said: "I can't pay the money, I'm divorced and I've had nothing but problems.
It's not uncommon to hear a man insist that his friend stay for tea, "or I swear I'm divorced.
I've got a baby with Alex and I'm divorced from Preston but that's what happened, that's what I've done.
Because I'm divorced, I don't have a spouse's income to depend on--it's just me.
Laughing off the allegations that she had filed divorce papers in Los Angeles, the 27-year-old quipped on Twitter: "First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced.
I'm divorced and have four children whom I love dearly, and several grandchildren.
The whole thing was pretty rock 'n' roll and I'm divorced at 29, so I suppose I can do anything now.
the papers started off by saying that I was already engaged, now the papers tell me I'm married, and they told me I'm divorced now [smiles].
Q I'M divorced with two kids and for the past few years they have had real ups and downs with my ex-husband, who now lives in Dubai.
I'm divorced and my kids are moving out of state (my ex-wife married a guy in the Navy).
I haven't used birth control in about five years because I'm divorced and haven't been in a relationship.