I'm engaged

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I'm engaged   
References in classic literature ?
I can't stay, because I'm engaged to some fellows to- night.
I like to talk to him, because he's so clever and amusing--I wish Sir Thomas Ashby were half as nice; besides, I must have SOMEBODY to flirt with, and no one else has the sense to come here; and when we go out, mamma won't let me flirt with anybody but Sir Thomas--if he's there; and if he's NOT there, I'm bound hand and foot, for fear somebody should go and make up some exaggerated story, and put it into his head that I'm engaged, or likely to be engaged, to somebody else; or, what is more probable, for fear his nasty old mother should see or hear of my ongoings, and conclude that I'm not a fit wife for her excellent son: as if the said son were not the greatest scamp in Christendom; and as if any woman of common decency were not a world too good for him.
Today is a magnificent day for me' I'm engaged to a magnificent woman," he said.
Okay, I admit it: I was also unable to keep up with the games of Words (a form of online Scrabble) that I'm engaged in.
To the former point, whenever I'm engaged in a good conversation and I find my attention being drawn away, I try to slowly move myself in a way that faces me toward a wall, or at least fewer people.
Now that I'm engaged and looking forward to having a planned baby, there are days when I feel incredibly sad for the ones I aborted," she told the Sunday Mercury.
First of all, I try to remain as present as possible when I'm engaged in an important activity, such as parking the car or depositing the house keys.
Right now I'm engaged in various attempts to get the trawl sector under control.
I have no misgivings about or lack of confidence in the cause in which I'm engaged.
And so to me, it's very important that I'm engaged in the present.