I'm full

I'm full   
References in classic literature ?
It's all I can do to tear myself away from the table when I know I'm full to bustin' and ain't got storage for another bite.
Time for my girl to be abed, else she won't be up early, and I'm full of jolly plans for to-morrow.
I'm full of resolution -- I'll do anything to save my life
It's a top quality line-up but I'm full of confidence at the minute and there's no reason why I can't go out there and come out on top.
But at the same time I'm full of confidence for my horse, he's been good to me and I have a lot of faith in him.
My wife's got a friend called Phyllis She calls now and then that's good I'm sad if she sometimes misses Cos she always bring me Bread Pud I don't know what she puts in it When I eat it I'm fit as a flea I'm full of energy I can't sit Usain Bolt couldn't catch me.
The shake is really filling - I drink half a pint for brekkie instead of my usual porridge before work and I'm full right through 'til lunchtime.
I WON'T BE wishing him well for 90 minutes on Saturday, but otherwise I'm full of admiration for Frank Lampard after he received his 100th England cap during the World Cup qualifier against Ukraine.
That, along with our manager and the signings, I'm full of optimism that this season can be a good one.
1 said: "I started chipping and putting a little over a week ago and I'm full of go for the British Open.
I'm full of distress, my lovely peas have gone to seed.