I'm lost

I'm lost   
References in classic literature ?
And now I'm lost myself and don't know how to get home
Now I'm lost," thought Rose, as she gave up her pin-cushion with a sternly defiant look that would have daunted anyone but the reckless Prince.
off the the spoke - I'm lost without James raised Newcastle, split the travel Dublin wee - I could not believe it.
He captioned it: "Damn man I'm lost for words right now I'm cryin my ass off Fredo I love yu B***h RIP a real Savage.
They have a new single out, I Love You But I'm Lost, which is the first original music from them since 2004.
Wade said: "I'm ecstatic - it's not often I'm lost for words.
She's like my baby and I'm lost without her - Leanne Bourne, pictured with her son Harrison and one of the posters she put up after her pet dog Boo vanished Picture by IAN COOPER
Wherever I start, I'm lost to the language/and still putting paper to pen.
I'M lost for words and frankly can't even analyse the problem after Liverpool's latest surrender.
I get out my book then and start to read, This passes the time and makes it speed, As I'm lost in the story the time flies by, Getting nearer to Faro to where we now fly.
It's never going to be the same Without you here I'm lost Tom, please come back to me I beg, I feel like a ghost