I'm not drinking

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I'm not drinking   
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When I'm not drinking I'll go into the supermarket and leave the car running because my mind's bouncing around so much.
There's a lot of free champagne, so he thinks because I'm not drinking, he has to.
It won't happen again because I'm not drinking any more.
She explains, "What we were finding was that many of our clients who were in treatment for alcoholism, were coming back to us and saying, 'Okay, I'm not drinking.
For some people fasting is simply about 'I'm starving myself all day long and I'm not drinking and eating' and that's it.
It's different because now I'm not drinking," Polizzi said.
He also tells me I'm sleeping a little too much and that I'm not drinking enough water, and that though my body is well, my mental and emotional quotient is in disarray.
She said to me 'Darling, don't give me any alcohol, I'm not drinking any more'.
Jack said booze makes it easier to cope without her: "I don't like the feeling when I'm not drinking, or when I'm not doing something, just sitting there, it's not a nice feeling.
My range has expanded so much since the TV show, but there are sacrifices - I'm not drinking alcohol at the moment, I'm basically going to bed straight after every show to get my sleep in for the next day.
My response was, I'm not drinking that contaminated stuff