I'm not ready

I'm not ready   
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Summary: 'Unfortunately I won't be able to play in Abu Dhabi this year as I'm not ready yet to compete at this level'
But I'm not ready to determine what I might pursue.
I'm not ready for velvet (which is set to be the fabric of AW16) and I don't want to hide my summery pedicure in a pair of ponyskin boots yet bbut it doesn't stop me browsing for future reference.
But bandmate Jamie Lambert, 25, reveals: "We got a message from Richard saying, 'You'll have to leave as I'm not ready.
Even at age 75, I'm not ready to "retire" my subscription.
Odierno, who served as the top US commander in Iraq from 2008 to 2010, said yesterday that partitioning the country "is something that could happen" and "might be the only solution, but I'm not ready to say that yet".
Cellino said: "If in two seasons' time I'm not ready to take the club to the Premier League, I'm going to sell it.
Due to this I'm not ready yet to compete at the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games.
But I did try to take the positives out of it and it made me realise that I'm not ready to stop at all.
I want to be out there playing, but I'm not ready yet.
Janey and I split up six months ago because she wanted to have kids and I'm not ready for a family yet.
I'm not ready, but down the road I would like to be-just to share life and teach someone what I know.