I'm ready

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I'm ready   
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If I fail I'm ready to be sliced thin and fed to the seven-headed dogs.
Whenever you say the word I'm ready to thrash any amount of reason into him that he's able to hold.
I say, as I'm ready to wager any man ten pound, if he'll stand out wi' me any dry night in the pasture before the Warren stables, as we shall neither see lights nor hear noises, if it isn't the blowing of our own noses.
That is true," replied Sancho; "but pledges don't distress a good payer, and in a house where there's plenty supper is soon cooked; I mean there's no need of telling or warning me about anything; for I'm ready for everything and know a little of everything.
I'll go when I'm ready," Aynesworth answered, "and I've more to say.
There's rather more sickness in the out-villages than I care for, but then I'm so blistered with prickly-heat that I'm ready to hang myself.
Ah, I'm ready to do what you will," cried Porthos; "even to swear by Mahomet.
I'm rough, sir, but I'm ready - least ways, I hope I'm ready, you unnerstand.
I don't intend to come home tomorrow afternoon until I'm ready.
When I've satisfied my passion I'm ready for other things.
Sit down, Fred, I'm ready to hear and do anything I can," said the Vicar, who was busy packing some small objects for removal, and went on with his work.
I'm a-comin' when I'm ready to come, an' if you ain't given room enough I'll go clean over you an' your load of chicken meat.