I'm retired

I'm retired   
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As I'm retired, the question is somewhat conjectural, but when I had a future to look forward to, rather than a past to look back on, the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants (ICWA), as it was then called, and the other main institutes had substantially different exams that reflected their diverse areas of expertise.
Rupert, a former Llanelli rugby player, said, 'Now that I'm retired from rugby, I walk or jog with our two golden retrievers, Llew and Bach.
I have since discovered the policy doesn't cover me because I'm retired.
I'm retired from administrative ministry for eight years, and I've spent a busy retirement assisting in parishes wherever I am needed.
Thankfully, I'm retired and don't have to go back to work.
Now that I'm retired, and the skirting boards, doors and ceilings have been dutifully redecorated, I have got the time to get back to my painting.
I'm retired so I can do this but for working people it means that rubbish is not collected for two weeks.
I'm retired but I still do a lot of driving around for the grandchildren and visiting family round the country.
Great-grandma June Cochrane, 40, of Annitsford, Newcastle, said: "Now that I'm retired, I love to relax in the sun and watch everybody else going to work.
I have always wanted to write and now that I'm retired, I have the time to do it.
I'm retired from the financial world and don't need somebody else to tell me what I already know.
I'm retired and will have to pay more council tax to stay here although I do not have any extensions.