I'm self-employed

I'm self-employed   
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We've discussed it and he basically said, 'Look, no matter where I go next, I'd really like you to come with me', and because I'm self-employed, I can do that.
Patrick said: "As I've been out of the country for a bit and I'm self-employed, I have to work for one year and then show tax returns.
Q I'm self-employed and looking at ways to protect my earnings in case I get ill and can't work.
Which can literally only be done now I'm self-employed.
Not because it is the start of my working week for I'm self-employed and can choose my own time.
For instance, now that I'm self-employed, maybe a SEP is more appropriate.
I'm just part of somebody else's business, even though I'm self-employed.
I'm lucky that I'm self-employed so that I can fit everything in, and I'm very fortunate that I'm getting paid for something I love doing.
It's a nightmare, because I'm self-employed, but we got one finally.
I don't have to call in sick if one of the children are ill, I'm self-employed so there are no hard and fast rules.