I'm sorry

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I'm sorry   
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I'm sorry because this drive has been so pleasant and I'm always sorry when pleasant things end.
Glegg paid a visit to her sister Tulliver, sitting in her gig all the while, and showing her displeasure by markedly abstaining from all advice and criticism; for, as she observed to her sister Deane, "Bessy must bear the consequence o' having such a husband, though I'm sorry for her," and Mrs.
you never had a good place where they were kind to you, and so you don't know, and I'm sorry for you; but I can tell you good places make good horses.
And, though I'm glad he's better in health, I'm sorry he's so much less pleasant, and so much less affectionate to me.
I'm sorry I can't be a Methodist, like you and mother and Aunt Jane, but I can't and that's all there is to it,' I says.
I'm sorry, Bunny; but if ever you write my memoirs, you won't have any difficulty in working up that chase.
Morning to ye, shipmates, morning; the ineffable heavens bless ye; I'm sorry I stopped ye.
Maclean gave me four hundred pounds to put in the bank, sir,' began John; 'and I'm sorry to say that I've been robbed of it
I'm sorry for Mister Bluebeard, I'm sorry to cause him pain; But a terrible spree there's sure to be When he comes back again.
com)-- I'm Sorry to Hear announces their continued expansion across the USA adding 3 new states to their extensive online community and searchable database of funeral homes at www.
I want to look into your eyes and I want to tell you from my heart to yours, I sincerely apologize for hurting your feelings and I'm sorry for what happened to you.