I'm tired

I'm tired   
References in classic literature ?
I'm tired of all these colors, Jane, So I'm coming back to you.
I'm tired because I've been packing my trunk and sewing all day.
I've wandered through your gardens and in the forest until I'm tired of it all, and when I come into the house the conversation of your fat wife and of yourself bores me dreadfully.
I'm tired, I think--tired of being studious and ambitious.
My head aches and I'm tired, so I thought maybe some of you would go," said Beth.
This nation has been taken advantage of for many, many years -- for many decades, frankly -- and I'm tired of watching it.
I'm tired of seeing the body language these players have coming into practices and games, you can see guys have checked out and I'm tired of it.
The officer said: "I'm tired of complaining, I'm tired of saying to staff this is really unsafe.
She added: "I'm tired of hiding, I'm tired of brushing his a-- up underneath the rug.
In a newly released clip from WE TV's Growing Up Hip Hop , when confronted by his daughter Kristina about an article she read in which he discusses the claims, the 53-year-old tells her, " I'm tired of the secrecy.
It's better to walk out, not because I'm dishonest but because I'm tired and hurt and lonely.
I'm tired of hearing about America needing to conform to an idealism of singularity.