I don't mind

I don't mind   
References in classic literature ?
I don't mind as long as everything holds, but when things begin to go it's bad.
Sure, sir, an' I don't mind sayin', sir, that I'm just plain mad curious to hear.
Oh, I don't mind it in the least," returned the yellow hen.
Oh, I don't mind," said Philip, unable to choke a laugh; "I can remember things easily.
First off, I thought it would certainly give me the botts, but I don't mind now.
Bless you, I don't mind him," said Peg, from whom the unexpected seemed to be the thing to expect.
Well, seeing you're in difficulties, I don't mind doing what I can--just to oblige you-- so long as I don't have to wash the creatures.
I don't mind my neighbour being preferred before me, but I do object to his being served before me!
A real machine; well, I don't mind serving a machine.
You are quite incorrigible, Harry; but I don't mind.
If she wants to divorce me I don't mind giving her the necessary grounds.
Well, I don't mind telling you that while he was my mate I never missed brothers and sisters, or wanted anyone else; but since he cast me off, I'll be hanged if I don't feel as forlorn as old Crusoe before Friday turned up.