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Noun1.I. F. Stone - United States journalist who advocated liberal causes (1907-1989)
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21 in his Washington home, Bradlee could rightly claim a place among such anti-guff titans of American journalism as George Seldes, Ida Tarbell, I.
In some ways, Greenwald harkens back to such icons as I.
Murrow and Joan Didion; a National Magazine Award; a Society of Professional Journalists award for our gun coverage; and public-service honors named for labor leader Sidney Hillman and legendary muckraker I.
An excellent review traces how and why the great Jewish leftist I.
There's no harm in being reminded how intellectuals and journalists--even the most admirable--once surrendered to siren songs, but it would be a crying shame if a retrospective espionage hysteria were to drown out respect for the extraordinary achievement of I.
The Nieman Foundation and Nieman Watchdog presented the inaugural I.
Francis has worked for The Times 11 years and won the I.
So while I did deep-breathing exercises and read a biography of I.
At this point I was reminded of an anecdote told by newsletter industry legend I.
Bird says that in this sentence Bundy prefigured "just about all the points that I.
Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair and this semester's I.
But the Monthly did readers a disservice by uncritically repeating his demonstrably false remarks about I.