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Our results show that IDV has been circulating in North and West Africa since at least 2012, as shown by the antibodies detected in cattle in Morocco (from 2012 to 2015), cattle in Benin and Togo (as of 2014), and small ruminants in Togo (as of 2013) (Table 1; Figure 1).
IDV is a powerful graphical package, giving us the tools to go beyond the usual horizontal and vertical sections and explore the 3D structure of the atmosphere.
NASDAQ: EVBG) has acquired IDV Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of threat assessment and operational visualization software, the company said.
1, 2 and 3 reveal that the highest correlations (which were significant at the 1 % level of significance) between culture and corruption were found in relation to three dimensions of the culture, namely PD, IDV and LTO.
Column one includes MAS as a control variable and the results for the interest variables, IDV, UA and the interaction variables are virtually the same as previous tests.
Foi realizada analise de correlacao entre os escores do IDV, HHIE-S e WHOQoL-OLD, e variaveis sociodemograficas, culturais e de saude, por meio da Correlacao de Spearman, considerando um nivel de significancia de 5%.
The largest cultural differences between Philippines and New Zealand lie in the PDI and IDV dimensions.
Respondents high in the IDV construct would tend to act according to their own interests (Hofstede, 1983a, 1983b) and would value individual success (Flynn & Saladin, 2006).
Ryan Morrison, head of IDV new business sales at GB Group, said: "Identity information changes every second of every day.
In contrast, although correlations suggest that emotional attention was positively related to life satisfaction, the regression analysis shows that this relationship was not significant when gender, age, IDV, UAI and self-efficacy were controlled for (see Table 3).