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n.1.Same as Inkle.
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Table One Security Assistance Appropriations Fiscal Year 2000 Fiscal Year 2010 Fiscal Year 2011 Program Appropriation Appropriation Request FMFP $5,006,500,000 $5,420,000,000 $5473,348,000 IMET 93,000,000 108,000,000 110,000,000 ESF 7,116,901,000 6,344,000,000 7,811,982,00 PKO 530,200,000 331,500,000 285,950,000 INCLE 1,782,500,000 1,691,000,000 1,136,041,000 NADR 631,500,000 754,000,000 757,613,000 Notes: (1) FY 2010 FMFP includes PL.
INCLE programs will enhance short and long-term stability
For the purposes of providing the executive branch with the necessary administrative flexibility, none of the funds made available under this Act for, inter alia, INCLE, ACI, SEED Act, FREEDOM Support Act, ESF, PKO, NADR, FMFP, and IMET shall be available for obligation for activities, programs, projects, type of material assistance, countries, or other operations not justified or in excess of the amount justified to the congressional appropriations committees for obligation under any of these specific headings unless the same committees are previously notified fifteen days in advance.
and Central Asia (AEECA) account in the INCLE account as well as in the
Significant INCLE funds are focused where security situations are most dire, and where U.
INCLE resources in Colombia will primarily aid the Colombian National Police, but will also fund important programs such as maritime interdiction and Army aviation.
Walking is one of the most popular summer activities in Andorra and after eating we headed to the nearby Incles Valley, where most of the paths are quite rly identifiable way-marked.
Monday morning starts with a minibus drive to the Incles Valley, one of the most beautifully serene views and surroundings in Andorra.
To be more precise, we were high above the glorious Incles Valley in the tiny principality of Andorra.
Activities include mountain biking on forest trails, exploring the Incles Valley on foot and an off-road drive by 4WD along an old smugglers' route.
Distribute spinach filling evenly over dough to within 3 incles of 17-inch side nearest you and within about 1 inch of other sides.
Feet, heels 12 incles from the buttocks secured and held to the floor by partner or tester.