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also play list  (plā′lĭst′)
1. A list of musical selections for broadcast or performance: the radio station's playlist of songs.
2. A digital file designating a set of audio or video recordings to be played one after the other.


1. (Broadcasting) a list of records chosen for playing, as on a radio station
2. (Broadcasting) a list of tracks to be played in a particular order on an MP3 player or CD player
(Broadcasting) (tr) to put (a song or record) on a playlist



a list or schedule of the recordings to be played on the radio during a particular program or time period.
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Noun1.playlist - a list of musical selections for performance or for broadcast by radio
list, listing - a database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)


[ˈpleɪlɪst] N (Rad) → lista f discográfica
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The settings of the application let you edit the list of services to show in custom mode; unfortunately, these requires you to edit an ini file, there is no GUI.
To achieve this with Blacklce, the user would have to browse the knowledgebase on the manufacturer's Web site and manually edit an INI file.
Before using the camera the first time, you need to copy the right INI file into MaxIm's program folder.
Features included in InstallWatch Basic are: a wizard mode, printing, limited INI file change tracking, full registry change tracking, full documentation of all file and folder changes on the user's "C" drive, and auto detecting of setup programs.