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In quantum mechanics, the passing of a particle through a seemingly impenetrable barrier without a cause that is explainable by classical physics.


(ˈtʌn l ɪŋ)
a quantum-mechanical process, forbidden in classical mechanics, in which an atomic particle passes through a region where its potential energy is higher than its total energy. Also, esp. Brit.,tun′nel•ling. Also called tun′nel effect`.


Illegally diverting company funds or lucrative contracts to a company insider or majority shareholder thereby lessening the value of the holdings of minor shareholders.
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We have a long history of developing networking equipment, and these new products represent a new set of systems and solutions that enable advanced packet-based systems utilizing Network Address Translation, Load Sharing and IP Tunneling," said Hank Heneghan, director of product management for Performance Technologies.
This technology embraces the basic NAS utilization of either native IP or IP tunneling methods over Fibre Channel frames to further expand SANs' reach.
323 VoIP traffic with prioritization and filtering mechanisms, as welt as IP tunneling.
In addition to flexibility and high speed, Concentric uses encryption and IP tunneling over the private IP backbone to ensure privacy.
The IPSec standard defines authentication, encryption, and key management services for IP tunneling.
The reliability and video quality provided by the Mediaplex-20 have fully met the stock exchange's requirements for a fault-tolerant video headend with built-in forward error correction, IP Mux, IP Tunneling and IP encapsulation capabilities, which ensure the reliable delivery of massive volumes of real-time data and video without packet loss," said Mr.
The combination of Broadcom silicon and LVL7 FASTPATH WLAN software delivers a host of new performance-rich features, such as: end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) across the switch and access points; centralized data forwarding with IP Tunneling for seamless roaming; MAC-based Virtual LANs (VLANs); and advanced Denial of Service (DoS) protection to stop attacks at the port level.
IP tunneling is particularly useful for clients who need to control access in various geographic locations, where, for example, a system in Tokyo needs to efficiently communicate with a database residing on a server in New York through a dedicated network.
The demonstration shows that IPv6 services can be supported in a commercial mobile infrastructure, even when roaming, using automated IP tunneling.
When deployed using Intermec's MobileLAN(R) wireless networks featuring IP tunneling and data tunneling capabilities, mobile workers can roam anywhere throughout an enterprise -- even across subnets -- and maintain a network connection and maximum quality of service for voice calls.