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IPSec does not dictate specific authentication and encryption methods, and that can make implementing it more complex.
The security provided by IPsec comes at a performance cost--how well an IPsec device makes the tradeoff between security and performance is a required measurement.
For this discussion, we will focus on the IPSec protocol since it is the most widely used today.
The NITROX Security Processor family and NITROX XL acceleration boards are both being used by OEM vendors in a wide range of networking equipment to accelerate security applications like IPsec VPNs, SSL VPNs, Webservers, load balancers, content switches, application firewalls, wireless gateways and routers.
As the leading provider of IPSec technology to OEMs, our new QuickSec solution meets these needs by providing the highest level of encryption with integrated strong authentication.
Both have some of the key security elements, but neither is as comprehensive and effective as IPSec.
AdmitOne's IPsec and IKE implementations fully conform to the latest RFCs for IPsec and IKE.
A complete IP security solution implements IPSec, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), and IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPPCP).
By meeting the stringent VPNC standards, the Nexsi 8000 has proven to be fully compliant with leading-edge IPSec VPN technology.