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adv.1.In a iambic manner; after the manner of iambics.
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com with scaddes of funne and merrie stuffe from the Iambically Pentametric Thumbs of the Bard of Avon for the Literati of the Twitterati.
On the other hand a robust majority of readers, their habits formed perhaps on the Africanizing backbeat of blues and rock, look to the end and read the line iambically with the acephalous catalexis of a premised initial slack.
Similarly, it is provoking to notice the difference between the anapaestically intuitive reading "Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more" and the iambically encouraged "Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more.
But the rhythm of these last two lines is also telling: greenness turns to gold smoothly, iambically (and we'd almost like to end the poem here) when we, in the final line, find out how such a transformation occurs, the last, not-quite iambic line tripping over its predecessor.
In his 1964 article iambically entitled The Subtle Vices of the Passive Virtues, (9) he argued that judges ought to abstain from decisions only out of principle, not pragmatic avoidance of institutional friction or adverse public opinion.
She makes this choice in preference to the more iambically regular stress on "my" because of the "semantic contrast" between "eyes" and "hair.