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 (ī-ăp′ĭ-təs, ē-ăp′-)
1. Greek Mythology A Titan who was the father of Prometheus and Atlas and an ancestor of the human race.
2. A satellite of Saturn.

[Latin Īapetus, from Greek Īapetos.]


(Celestial Objects) a large outer satellite of the planet Saturn
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Noun1.Iapetus - (Greek mythology) the Titan who was father of Atlas and Epimetheus and Prometheus in ancient mythology
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Exceptions are only made in special cases, as the Sons of Iapetus (ll.
Like it or no, this is how it is decreed; for aught I care, you may go to the lowest depths beneath earth and sea, where Iapetus and Saturn dwell in lone Tartarus with neither ray of light nor breath of wind to cheer them.
11 (ANI): Scientists at Cornell University have reportedly found foreign dust on Iapetus, Saturn's most bizarre moon.
Scientists believe the dark side of Iapetus may be due to dusty material from the outer ring hitting its surface.
7 Of which planet is the large body Iapetus a satellite?
56 Ga (Laurentian margin, Appalachians): The formation of the Iapetus Ocean was preceded by several distinct major magmatic events along the eastern margin of Laurentia.
Astronomers have known about this dichotomy ever since Italian-French astronomer Jean Dominique Cassini discovered Iapetus in 1672.
In the North Atlantic region, the Caledonian Orogeny embraces Cambrian to Devonian tectonic and magmatic events associated with the development and subsequent closure of those parts of the Iapetus Ocean which were situated between Laurentia to the northwest and Baltica and Avalonia to the southeast and east (McKerrow et al.
Now, the researchers have discovered the other half of the story: giant volcanoes that formed during the closing of the proto-Atlantic Ocean - known as the Iapetus Ocean - set the stage for the rise of the Appalachians and the ice age that followed.
33 In Greek myth, Tethys, Oceanus and Iapetus were among the 12 original.