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 (yäsh, yä′shē)
A city of northeast Romania north-northeast of Bucharest. It was the capital of the country until 1861 and temporarily during World War I.


(Romanian ˈiaʃj)
(Placename) a city in NE Romania: capital of Moldavia (1565–1859); university (1860). Pop: 280 000 (2005 est). German name: Jassy


(ˈyɑ si)

a city in NE Romania. 330,000.
Romanian, Iaşi.
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Procurement Performance of Getting Electricity Transfer Stations Baltic Iasi Within the Integrated Waste Management System in Iasi County.
Here, he wrote many of his poems, and became one of the youngest directors of the National Theatre in Iasi.
Further, HRH, accompanied by the delegation, visited the city hall at the palace of culture and was received by the Mayor of Iasi, followed by a brief meeting with him during which the Princess accepted the title of Ambassador of Iasi.
The launch of Iasi Development Center (IDC) is part of Ness' effort to expand its global footprint, joining multiple established development centers in India, North America, Slovakia, Singapore and Israel.
Three exhibitions at different locations in the city, each with publications of its own, focused on the economic, social, political, and cultural contexts of both Iasi and post-socialist Romania in terms of proximity and distance.
Hope International, based in Co Donegal, vowed to bring any money or materials directly to the cash-strapped hospital in Iasi.
Stiffler, Synygy president and CEO, "The appeal of this newly built state-of-the-art business center lies in its status as the largest construction project in Iasi since the Soviet era and its location in the historically-significant center of the city.
bank transfer; - Cash deposit or cashier contracting authority OP account SRTFC Iasi, Iasi RO95BPOS24002822965ROL01 opened at Banc (CUI: RO11054545); OP must mention the name of the procedure that is; - A letter of guarantee in favor of the contractante- form E1, in orig; - Any other instrument of guarantee issued under the law by a banking company or an insurance soc.
Our merger with IASI will give us the opportunity to offer a wider variety of sophisticated products and services, and more advanced technology to our client base through the IASI network of professionals and business services," stated Mr.
With Infineon's and Mentor Graphics' donation of state-of-the-art hardware and software, along with support and training, TU Iasi is able to educate our students in leading-edge design methodologies that will enable them to contribute both academically and practically to the development of Romania and the electronics industry in the region.
Implementing agency : prin Sucursala Regionala CF Iasi Piata Garii nr.