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or A·ver·rho·ës  (ə-vĕr′ō-ēz′, ăv′ə-rō′ēz) also Ibn Rushd (ĭb′ən ro͝osht′) 1126-1198.
Spanish-Arab philosopher, jurist, and physician. He is well known for his commentaries on Aristotle, which exerted a strong influence on medieval Christian theology.


(Biography) Arabic name ibn-Rushd. 1126–88, Arab philosopher and physician in Spain, noted particularly for his attempts to reconcile Aristotelian philosophy with Islamic religion, which profoundly influenced Christian scholasticism


or A•ver•rho•ës

(əˈvɛr oʊˌiz)

1126?–98, Arab philosopher in Spain.
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Noun1.Averroes - Arabian philosopher born in Spain; wrote detailed commentaries on Aristotle that were admired by the Schoolmen (1126-1198)
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By: Osama Fatim CAIRO- 7 October 2017: A poem collection titled "Fawzeya Al Hassan's Ten Commandments" by renowned Palestinian poet Abdulla Issa has just been released in Egypt this month through Ibn Roshd Publishing House.
I read poetry and philosophy, and I was surprised that people like Ibn Khaldoun or Ibn Roshd were free to think centuries ago, while nowadays we create more barriers for ourselves.
The minister presented the shield of excellence to Al Mrifa Secondary School for Girls, Hamad Town School for Boys, Ibn Roshd Intermediate School for Boys, Sanabis Intermediate School for Girls, Badr Al Kobra Primary School for Boys, Arabian Pearl Gulf School, Al Eman Schools (girls branch).