Ibn Sina

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Ibn Si·na



(ˌæv əˈsɛn ə)

A.D. 980–1037, Islamic physician and philosopher, born in Persia.
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Ibn Sina rechaza la idea aristotelica de la existencia en potencia y solo admite la existencia en acto.
Seventeen general hospitals throughout the country, including the university hospital Ibn Sina in Rabat, have been given priority for the money, which falls under the Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership Facility (FEMIP).
The essays, by scholars and experts, deal with Islam's inner life as considered by some of its greatest representatives--intellectual personalities such as Ibn' Arabi, Al Ghazali, Kirmani, Najm Al Din Kubra, Al Qadi Al Nu'maqn, Al Razi, Ibn Sina and Suhrawardi.
The photo shows the building adjacent to the Ibn Sina hospital that took a mortar through the window at 2:30 A.
The ousted dictator was taken to the Ibn Sina Hospital near the American-controlled Green Zone around two weeks ago for the procedure, which was performed by Iraqi doctors.
Gentile's major writing, composed over most of his working life, from about 1315 until about 1345, was a detailed commentary of some three or four million words on one of the most important collections of medical treatises, the Canon of Medicine by the Persian polymath Ibn Sina, Avicenna to the Latin world (980-1037).
He was flown to Kuwait's Ibn Sina Hospital and yesterday underwent his final skin graft operation.
Saddam Hussein was rushed to Baghdad's Ibn Sina hospital late at night on Dec.
ISFAHAN, Persia, March 1023--Faced with a particularly puzzling or difficult case, royal physicians and hospital surgeons have traditionally turned to the wandering bachelor healer, Abu Ali ibn Sina.
Television footage of the reception at Ibn Sina hospital was shown on Youth Television, the TV station owned and run by Odai.
Advantaged Raw Material Position to Support Ibn Sina Joint Venture and POM Production
This makes their trading higher than the multiples of the market, and benefited the shares of Cleopatra Hospital and the last offering of the company Ibn Sina Pharma.