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n.1.In early Christian and ecclesiastical art, an emblematic fish, or the Greek word for fish, which combined the initials of the Greek words Ihsoy^s, Christo`s, Qeoy^ Gio`s Swth`r, Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Savior.
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This action sparked some local outcry, but the parents of the deceased soldiers eventually agreed to allow the ichthus to stay covered as long as the memorial could remain at the Boone County Courthouse next to monuments to veterans of other conflicts.
op sy beurt is die gedig omvattend geinteresseer in die beleefbaar eksistensiele benoembare en vermoedelike onnaspeurbare Onbenoembare: hoe die vis deur my ingewande gekonsumeer word tot drek en tegelyk Ichthus simboliseer die iiggaam kan selfs as hy vermink is homself in 'n raptus mentis tot die eteriese sublimeer die gedig verklaar die omblom van soma in pleroma is en bly onverklaarbaar die gedig wil die geveg tussen karnaval en lent in 'n onbesliste gewapende stilstand op die ou end in taal besweer
Additionally, according to Giorgini, the knight's name itself, "Quixote," might well have been linked to the Ichthus ("[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" in capitalized Greek letters, also known as "Jesus Fish"), an acronym meaning in English "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.
While Ichthus organises youth services, events and missions in a string of churches across South London and Kent, both the Bedingfields and Athlete have been reluctant to talk about their faith, fearing a backlash from fans suspicious of religion.
A federal judge in Missouri has ordered the city of Republic to remove a fish symbol, known as an ichthus, from its seal, holding that the symbol unconstitutionally depicts Christianity as the city's official religion.
The shirts displayed an ichthus (fish) on the front and the words "Jesus Loves Me" on back.
Furious staff at Ichthus Books complained after being plagued by seedy punters asking to buy hardcore sex magazines.
Current work includes Ichthus College in Rotterdam, which draws on the industrial character of the port architecture, and an extension to the eighteenth-century Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, consisting of undulating brickwork planes.
There are a few bloopers - Noah Webster appears where Daniel Webster is meant, Otto's constitution is dated 1944 instead of 1844, "a cottage for he and his wife" should of course read "him and his wife," the Morris Mini is referred to as "Mini Morris," and ichthus should be written as ichthys - but not enough to spoil an unusually admirable rendition.
Discussing the symbolic role of fish in Christianity, Ridley offers the following quotation: "This will also explain why Ichthus, the fish, is a title of Jesus in Rome, why the Christian religion was founded on the fish, why the primitive Christians were called Pisciculi, and why the fish is still eaten as the sacrificial food on Friday and at Easter.