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n.1.An engraving or other picture or illustration for a book.
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The iconograph (a) shows that there are two bands (i.
A typical example is shown in the iconograph of Fig.
An iconograph of Hemiptera-Heteroptera eggs in China.
Unconscious Came a Beauty," Swenson's finest iconograph (see the inset below), at once shows and tells something vital.
See also Karen Orren & Stephen Skowronek, Beyond the Iconograph of Order: Notes for a "New Institutionalism," in THE DYNAMICS OF AMERICAN POLITICS: APPROACHES & INTERPRETATIONS 311, 320 (Lawrence C.
Typical examples are displayed in the iconograph of Figs, 3 and 4.
A typical example (PP/PANI 4 composite) is showed in the iconograph of Fig.
first describes biblical and Ancient Near Eastern literary traditions that enrich our appreciation of the tree, and then discusses iconographs from Palestine, Ugarit, Mari, and Nineveh, that lead him to speak of the Temple as God's garden.
Some also took tours of the sanctuary featuring a beautiful wood-beamed roof, gold screens and walls covered with colorful iconographs of saints.