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I·da·ho 1

 (ī′də-hō′) Abbr. ID or Id.
A state of the northwest United States. It was admitted as the 43rd state in 1890. Explored by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805, the region was held jointly by Great Britain and the United States from 1818 to 1846. Idaho became a separate territory in 1863. Boise is the capital and the largest city.

I′da·ho′an adj. & n.

I·da·ho 2

[After Idaho, where it is chiefly grown.]


(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Idaho
(Placename) of or relating to Idaho or its inhabitants
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Noun1.Idahoan - a native or resident of Idaho
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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Prior to that, he was vice president of supply chain management at Idahoan Foods.
Topping the growth-leader list of small companies were Quest Nutrition, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Fairlife, Bai and Idahoan Foods.
In a similar vein, packaged mashed potato maker Idahoan Foods promises real Idaho potatoes in every spoonful of its recently launched first-ever soup line in four substantial varieties: Cheddar Broccoli, Three Cheese Chipotle, Loaded Potato and Creamy Potato.
Jenkins' hobbies include flying airplanes, snowmobiling, skiing and horseback riding--good hobbies for an Idahoan.
5 18 460 1 Crocker Simple Recipe Potatoes Homestyle Creamy Butter Betty 1/2 c 160 8 4 22 440 3 Crocker Ultimate Au Gratin Betty 2/3 c 140 6 3 18 440 2 Crocker Ultimate Loaded Mashed Potatoes Cheddar Betty 2/3 c 140 6 3 18 410 2 Crocker Ultimate Loaded Mashed Potatoes Loaded Hungry Jack 1/2 c 150 6 2 20 360 2 Mashed Potatoes Hungry Jack 1/2 c 100 5 0 14 280 1 Premium Hashbrown Potatoes Idahoan 1/2 c 150 6 1.
And the top-ranked small companies were TalkingRain, Idahoan and Handi-foil.
One such Idahoan is Andrew Yoder, the campaign manager for Idaho Votes No.
Idahoan Foods just introduced Baby Reds to its line of flavored mashed potatoes.
Neil notes the struggles of the champions of Idahoan environmental responsibility, including the dawn of the wildlife conservation and scenic preservation movements, and the growth of the idea that "wilderness" was not a bad thing at all.
Moving to Boise is not like moving to Romania, and those who make a go of it during the hejira in the Idahoan hinterland can always move back home when their financial situations improve.