a.1.Of or pertaining to Idalium, a mountain city in Cyprus, or to Venus, to whom it was sacred.
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286-8) This necklace neither Pasithea, eldest of the graceful Sisters, nor Beauty nor the Idalian boy touched upon, but Grief, Anger, Pain, and Discord with heavy hand.
Caesar to marvel at his namesake's achievement from his Idalian star (60): 'Sum deus; est nostri sanguinis ista fides'--which insinuates that there had not been sufficient proof before.
If it be granted me to complete the charge I have undertaken, o lady of Paphos and Idalian groves, and the day will come at last
A later couplet, 59-60, has inspired even more amusement in scholars doubtful of Propertius' serious intentions here: at pater Idalio miratur Caesar ab astro:/ `sum deus: est nostri sanguinis ista fides', `but his father Caesar marvels from the Idalian star: "I am a god: this is the honour of our bloodline"'.