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n.1.(Anat.) One of the incomplete rings of the upper part of the bronchial tubes of most birds. The semirings form an essential part of the syrinx, or musical organ, of singing birds.
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R]) is a commutative, idempotent semiring with [[union].
The semiring is said to be an idempotent semiring if the two reducts are bands, that is, semirings where every element is an idempotent.
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the variety of all idempotent semirings S in which the multiplicative reduct (S; *) of S belongs to V.
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Axioms (1)-(11) say that the structure is an idempotent semiring under +, [center dot], 0, and 1, and the remaining axioms (12)-(17) say essentially that * behaves like the Kleene star operator of formal language theory or the reflexive transitive closure operator of relational algebra.