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A city of southwest Nigeria east of Ibadan. Center of a powerful Yoruba kingdom until the late 1600s, it is an agricultural market with varied industries.


(Placename) a town in W central Nigeria: one of the largest and oldest Yoruba towns; university (1961); centre of the cocoa trade. Pop: 229 000 (2005 est)


(ˈi feɪ)

a town in SW Nigeria. 262,000.
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All you have done is to make murder easy for others; to get others to do the dirty work, and then shelter them and share the gain; all you need have on your conscience is every ife that was lost with the Lady Jermyn, and every soul that lost itself in losing them.
Today, Ife is a bustling metropolis, with a population of around 600,000, the city supporting a university, arts centre, palace and many sacred shrines and groves.
IFE Services' head offices are near Manchester in the UK.
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Descripton:2012 -Replace 1985, 150 ton per hour snow blower tha has reached the nd of its ueful ife.
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Falk continued, "In association with Airline Protective Systems (APS), we have been contacted by additional airlines, motion picture studios, and record labels wanting to provide content and assist on the development of our innovative new IFE system.
Royal Air Maroc is currently flying with Rockwell Collins' Total Entertainment System (TES(TM)) wide-body IFE system on two Boeing 767 aircraft.
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