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or If·tar  (ĭf′tär′)
n. Islam
The evening meal that breaks the daily fast during Ramadan, traditionally featuring the fruit of the date palm as a first course.

[Arabic 'ifṭār, verbal noun of 'afṭara, to break a fast, from faṭara, to break; see pṭr in Semitic roots.]


(ˈɪftɑː) or


(Islam) the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset every day during Ramadan
[from Arabic iftar the breaking of the fast; compare Id-ul-Fitr]
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Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) yesterday announced that the cost of Iftar projects it carried out in Qatar during the last Holy Ramadan was QR12.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 26 (ANI): Minister of State for Micro Small and Medium Enterises Giriraj Singh waded into controversy yet again, as he slammed the Congress Party for hosting an iftar party, saying it was spreading appeasement politics in the country.
ARAB NEWS Home Centre invited 20 to 25 children in four Saudi cities to an iftar meals followed by games and gifts.
During the hour of Iftar on Wednesday, June 14 th , 2017 , cab drivers who drove through the main entrance of any of the participating hotels received complimentary Iftar packs to break their fast.
During the hour of iftar on June 14, 2017, cab drivers who drove through the main entrance of any of the participating hotels received complimentary iftar packs to break their fast.
Iftar and Suhour will be provided daily throughout different dining outlets and our renowned Ramadan Tent at Kingdom Ballroom.
In Indonesia, iftar is called buka puasa -- meaning 'breaking the fast' -- which is done with dates, water and hot tea, followed by traditional sweets and pastries.
Summary: Communities are working with organisations to ensure the less fortunate have a free, wholesome iftar meal at the end of their fast
ISLAMABAD -- The trend of Iftar parties is on rise across the country including the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as the holy month of Ramazan enters in its second Ashra.
They have set up temporary roadside Dastarkhwan to provide free Iftar for the needy and deserving people.
Summary: Want to enjoy iftar or suhour in the luxurious setting of a Ramadan tent?
The Al Noor tent Iftar and Ghabga is priced at BD9.