I blush to think upon this ignomy.
- Shak.
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Despite the ignomy of a first round eviction, Alun said they left the competition on a high.
Gareth Bale celebrates one of the <Bhas time on his side to break every two goals that rescued Wales from the ignomy of defeat to Andorra last month.
The obvious site for the Eppy statue would be Whitechapel, adjacent to the former site of NEMS, the family business, which later suffered the ignomy of being turned into an Ann Summers sex shop.
TO add to the ignomy heaped-on Benefits Street's muchmaligned residents, there is now a twitter campaign to buy the shocking reality show's mother hen White Dee - referred to in the Daily Mail as simply "obese single mother" - a bra.
With Basel needing a win themselves, Fletcher acknowledged the challenge facing United, who are desperate to avoid the ignomy of finishing third and ending up in the Europa League for the first time.
The ignomy (dhilla) resulting from this stigmatization is so great that it appears "as if their faces had been veiled (ughshiyat) with a cloak of darkest night" (10:27).
Septimus suffered the ignomy of being caught red-handed, clad only in antimacassars, while burgling the home of a celebrated designer of dadoes.
City have eight games remaining in which three or four victories would possibly save them from the ignomy of the drop, the run-in starts on Saturday when they face Cheshire neighbours Macclesfield at the Deva.
Surely the end now for Vogts after a dismal display against Moldova on Chisinau, when they suffered the ignomy of having to come from behind through Steven Thomspon to snatch a point.
The Chorus at the beginning of the last act contains a vision of the Earl of Essex, "the general of our gracious empress", returning victorious to London from Ireland; for Shakespeare's audience, this vision was soon to suffer the same fate as the famous victories of Henry V, where high expectations end in ignomy and civil unrest.
A punishment may be said to be calculated to answer the purpose of a moral lesson, when, by reason of the ignomy it stamps upon the offence, it is calculated to inspire the public with sentiments of aversion towards those pernicious habits and dispositions with which the offence appears to be connected; and thereby to inculcate the opposite beneficial habits and dispositions.