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Noun1.Igor Sikorsky - United States industrialist (born in Russia) who designed the first four-engine airplane and the first mass-produced helicopter (1889-1972)Igor Sikorsky - United States industrialist (born in Russia) who designed the first four-engine airplane and the first mass-produced helicopter (1889-1972)
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Igor Sikorsky is noted as a pioneer in which form of transport?
BORN HILARY Clinton, US first lady, 1947, above FRANCOIS Mitterrand, French president, 1916 BOB Hoskins, British actor, 1942 DIED IGOR Sikorsky, Russian aviator, 1972 HOYT Axton, US country singer, 1999 ALMA Cogan, UK singer, 1966, above
Olivier Bauchau as the first Igor Sikorsky Distinguished Professor in Rotorcraft.
Sergei Sikorsky, the son of rotorcraft pioneer Igor Sikorsky, has witnessed more than 70 years of helicopter development and has been involved in many programs at his father's company, Sikorsky Aircraft.
In doing so, he quotes Igor Sikorsky, father of the modern-day helicopter, who, when referring to the ability of flying machines to take flight, said: "They are just like bumblebees.
The scientific and engineering challenges are interwoven with the stories of such industry pioneers as Igor Sikorsky, Frank Piasecki, and Arthur Young.
Following the timeline of the Skycrane and its later models and facsimiles as well as the career of its creator, Russian defector and aeronautical genius Igor Sikorsky, this work will appeal to enthusiasts of aeronautical engineering and commercial and military history.
In the best tradition and vision of Igor Sikorsky, Black Hawks are performing worldwide rescue and humanitarian missions saving countless lives and providing relief from natural and man-made disasters to thousands of people across the globe.
Company founder Igor Sikorsky was inspired to build helicopters because he believed in their life-saving capabilities.
Indeed, those who passed through Ellis Island, which was closed down 50 years ago this month, went on to become some of this country's leading figures, including Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter (from Austria), actors Bob Hope (England) and Rudolph Valentino (Italy), and helicopter inventor Igor Sikorsky (Russia).
Just when the approach of war made a large increase in military sales seem probable, Igor Sikorsky of the Vought-Sikorsky Division of United Technologies came out with a practical helicopter design which could actually hover and land and take off vertically--something the autogiro could not do.
Lightfoot made those measurements to help his boss Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the helicopter, jump into a national baseball debate.